Curtain Services

Serving hospitals with protocol-based solutions for patient room and surgical room curtain cleaning, tracking, and verification.

Clean.  Track.  Verify.

Industrial laundering and tracking of hospital patient room privacy curtains and surgical room curtains.  Our protocol based solution for laundering and tracking hospital  curtains can save you time, potentially reduce cost, and help you meet your patient safety requirements more efficiently.

ApparelMaster offers proprietary tracking software that will collect and store data from the barcode we place on each curtain.  When the staff scans the bar code, the data is capture using a barcode scanner and tablet.  The data is automatically uploaded to our server via the Internet.  No information is stored on the hospital server.  No additional software purchase is needed.

How does it work?

1.  Our driver will pick up curtains to be laundered.
2.  ApparelMaster will clean and verify all curtains are barcoded and scanned.
3.  Clean curtains are placed on hangers and wrapped in plastic to avoid contamination in transit and during storage.
4.  We will deliver the curtains back to the facility with paperwork to verify that each curtain was cleaned according to hospital protocol.
5.  Your staff will then take the clean curtain to the rooms, hang them, and scan the curtain barcode.
6.  Each week you will receive an invoice and tracking statement with information on which rooms need to have their curtains changed and replaced with clean curtains in the next 7 days.  The paperwork will also provide certification data that your cleaning has been completed following regulatory protocol.

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